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Our Vistage Peer Advisory Group is made up of business leaders across a variety of industries. We provide a helpful forum for exploring business opportunities and working out challenges. Our group members will rally around you, ask tough questions, and provide resources and experience to help you grow as a leader and improve your business.

Explore our Denver Vistage Peer Advisory Group members below and contact our chair to learn more about joining.

Susan Baldwin

Vistage Peer Advisory Group Member: Susan BaldwinSusan is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™️ professional with Legacy Wealth Partners, LLC. 2018 marked her 25th year as a Financial Professional. She holds a certificate in Retirement Planning from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Susan thrives on helping clients pursue their unique financial goals and personal ambitions. Through each life stage and change in economic times, she provides personal attention, a depth of resources and guidance to support families, executives and business owners. Susan’s comprehensive financial practice utilizes a team approach to champion her client’s objectives.

Karl Becker

Vistage Peer Advisory Group Member: Karl BeckerImproving Sales Performance develops high-performing sales & marketing organizations based on intentionality, systems, process, and ongoing learning and development – producing organizations, teams, and individuals that generate more sales and perform at a higher level.

Sales Performance Consultant, Coach, Author, and Speaker – Dedicated To Increasing Sales & Improving Sales Organizations. Karl is a seasoned entrepreneur and sales consultant that jumps in with both feet and gets his hands dirty making things happen. He is driven to create ideas that make business people’s lives better.

His focus is on both individual sales and sales organization performance – helping individuals and companies have breakthrough sales growth.

Karl Becker has a BA in Economics from The Colorado College and an MBA from Leeds School of Business.

Over the last 25 years, Karl has founded and run numerous companies, worked with hundreds of leadership teams, participated in company transformations, raised angel funding, received a US Patent, and been a 40 Under 40 Award Winner.

Leila Blauner

Vistage Peer Advisory Group Member: Leila BlaunerScalability Solutions™ helps their clients to build and lead happy and successful teams with long-term retention by revolutionizing their hiring and leadership.

Leila Blauner, founder of Scalability Solutions™, spent fifteen years building and leading her own teams in tech, marketing, and project management, with clients across a broad range of industries. Leila now leverages the proven methods that resulted in the high retention, happiness and success of her own team members, to transform the way her clients build and lead their teams. Leila holds a master’s degree in Project Management from Boston University, a BS degree in Business Administration / Marketing from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and is certified in business coaching (CPC and ELI-MP). Her passion is creating a world where people are happy, fulfilled, and empowered at work.

Jim Casart

Vistage Peer Advisory Group Member: Jim CasartTeam 80 harnesses the best in software and people to provide reliable, accurate, and time saving outsourced accounting for emerging businesses, allowing owners the Freedom to Focus on their dreams.

After over 30 years as a practicing CPA and business advisor, Jim noticed one of the biggest barriers to the success of a business was bad or non-existent financial information on which to base key decisions. In response to this, he founded Team 80 LLC and is on a mission to “End Small Business Failure”. Vistage has been critical to helping in this mission. JIm has been a member since 2002.

“Do what you do best…outsource the rest.”

Tiffany Dahlberg

Vistage Peer Advisory Group Member: Tiffany DahlbergWe train leaders using customized, applied and accelerated learning to improve their project success!

Tiffany Dahlberg, Founder of Ready2ACT and PMP®, has over 25 years of experience in helping over 800 organizations and 8,000 people save time and money through smart project management, effective communication, and professional development. She specializes in customizing training and facilitation services to help companies improve their project success through their own people and getting their desired results.

Eliza Prall

Vistage Peer Advisory Group Member: Eliza PrallPrall & Co is a strategic marketing firm dedicated to creating and executing smart, comprehensive marketing plans that marry business objectives with unique, innovative solutions. Marketing plans. Roadmaps. Tactics. We’ve helped clients big and small with specific answers to their marketing needs and have helped our clients achieve great results. Eliza brings to Prall & Co 25 years of experience as a place maker and community builder with a marketing communications approach. Her business mindset anchors her in-depth understanding of the power of branding, marketing, and creating a strong sense of place. Eliza has been a Vistage Member since 2016. Eliza offers a complimentary one-hour Marketing Opportunities Meeting to help business owners uncover potential or discuss current business issues.

Eliza brings to Prall Marketing 25 years of experience as a place maker and community builder with a marketing communications approach. Her business mindset anchors her in-depth understanding of the power of branding, marketing, and creating strong sense of place. Eliza has been a Vistage Member since 2016.

Eliza offers a complimentary one hour Marketing Opportunities Meeting to help business owners uncover potential or discuss current business issues.

Stuart Robertson

Vistage Peer Advisory Group Member: Stuart RobertsonVIP Business Coaching is a coaching firm for companies looking to Scale Up their business. We use a proven VIP Coaching Process to develop a winning game plan while developing management teams. We help businesses adopt Scaling Up principles for unique circumstances and use quarterly and annual planning sessions to stay on track. VIP Business Coaching’s mission is business success and the freedom to enjoy it.

Stuart Robertson is the Founder and Head Coach of VIP Business Coaching and an Internationally Certified Scaling-Up Certified Coach™.  Stuart has 25+ years of business leadership and CEO experience and has been building businesses since 1996. Stuart founded VIP Business Coaching to level the playing field and help more businesses win. Growing a business from $5M to $10M and beyond is a feat and many don’t make it. With Stuart’s proven track record and the power of Scaling Up, achieving results way beyond are possible. Stuart’s “Why” is helping people achieve their dreams. Stuart is a purpose-driven coach. He has a proven track record and leverages the world’s best business systems successfully to guide clients to scale 10x and beyond. He believes winning together is one of the greatest thrills in life. A strong culture, a solid strategy, and proven methods are his recipe for business success. Stuart is a proven growth and culture coach who brings proven methodologies to guide clients to a stronger culture, improved profit, and brighter future.

Kristen Russell

Vistage Peer Advisory Group Member: Kristen RussellKristen founded Fall River in 2005 as the culmination of her insurance industry career as an actuary, underwriting executive, and consultant. She has supervised over 15,000 employer renewal calculations during her career, uniquely qualifying her to help employers obtain the best rates and renewals, and to bend the trend of our clients’ healthcare costs over time. She serves as Fall River’s CEO, thought leader, and brand champion, and is ultimately accountable to ensuring every client has a great experience.

Brett Ungashick

OutSail helps businesses become savvier HR software buyers. OutSail provides experts, resources, and one-of-a-kind insights to help companies research, evaluate and select new HR software platforms. And OutSail has pioneered a unique software broker model that allows clients to utilize their services at no cost. OutSail serves companies in every industry, of all sizes, and companies based in the US or abroad.

Brett Ungashick is the founder of OutSail. Brett spent the early part of his career selling HR software at LinkedIn before switching sides to go work on behalf of those buying new HR software. Brett started OutSail in 2018 and has grown the business to help over 700 companies make over $50M in new HR software purchases. Brett is an active person who likes to golf, ski, work out and play basketball. In his free time, he enjoys writing, watching sports, and spending time with his wife and their miniature dachshund.

Tom Young

Vistage Peer Advisory Group Member: Tom YoungIntuitive Websites is a group of strategic digital marketing specialists, high-end designers and top-notch developers ready to market your website and drive results at an excellent ROI. We live and breathe strategic digital marketing and serve hundreds of clients across the US and Canada.

Thomas Young is co-founder and CEO of Intuitive Websites. He has 25 year’s experience in marketing and sales, including Internet marketing and usability research. Tom has worked with corporate clients around the country and is passionate about understanding customers and how they use the Web. He is the author of Intuitive Selling. His clients include HealthONE, Office Depot, NEC, The American Funds, Colorado College, Land Title, Bosca Leather and Intrawest to name a few. Tom’s client list is a testament to his ability to work with and get results for organizations. He has a BA in Communications from the University of Northern Colorado and an MBA from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. He enjoys tennis, sports and is an avid musician.

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